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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on young women, feminism, and the future.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on young women, feminism, and the future. One philosophy is that sex is socially formed instead of being spontaneously created. This is by keeping in mind that hominids are genetic beings, where our genetic system affects who we are as men and women. Nonetheless, from a women's libber view, there exists a composite interaction between culture and biology and genetic attributes may be transformed by social or environmental settings. Feminism describes gender as arrange of social anticipations that are replicated and transmitted via an aspect of social acquiring. This paper entails an argumentative essay on feminism as a social movement.

(A-2) A second women's movement philosophy is that gender is a crucial organizing aspect within the social domain. Gender is entrenched in social interactions and processes of daily life along with all social establishments. At the organizational level, gender is molded by the economic and political structure of a society. In all societies, specific forms of gender norms prevail, and these norms can differ from community to community consequently more substantiation that gender is fashioned socially. Conferring to the feminist standpoint no sex is intrinsically superior to another. Conversely, the ethnicity of a civilization may instill one sex with a superior significance than another sex. For example in the Western and most other societies, masculinity (of traits and behaviors related to being male) is esteemed more hellish than feminineness (of traits and behaviors related to being female). The men, hence, are bestowed grander access to rewards and resources in these communities, solely because they stand out as (masculine) men. Therefore, discrepancy valuing produces gender bias (Curran 47).

A common misunderstanding concerning feminism is that it centers only on womenfolk or "females issues." (B-1)Feminisms chief objective, from a theoretical outlook, partakes to review and refine the status of womenfolk in&, mostly since womenfolk and the traits and behaviors related to them have been ignored or devalued in the past.&nbsp.

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