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  • Waiting for answer an outline

    I need you to look at the attachmenet and follows it exactly  it's an outline of informative speech I need you to do a speech on The Orgin of the Arabic Language you will need to have 3 Main Poitns and subpoints (not more than two) an Intro, Thesis Statment and a conclusion please follow the attachm...

  • Waiting for answer 2 short essays (2-3pages)

    1st document is the format of each essay 2nd document is the 1st essay's source 3rd document is the 2nd essay's source Make sure to cite the source that I provide, no outside source. You can use (Welch, 2012) when you cite the work. Make sure to set examples. No spelling errors and grammar problems....

  • Waiting for answer Crime HW

    discuss/debate with your classmates how the historical abusive practices that caused death or serious injury towards older children eventually lead to the so-called Refuge Movement in America. 500-600 words APA citation format

  • Waiting for answer eating disorders

    Biological causal factors of anorexia nervosa include genetic predisposition, serotonin regulation, and physiologic weight set points. Given the prevalence of this disorder, it seems unlikely that biological causes alone could account for it. Research eating disorders using your textbook and online...

  • Waiting for answer physic lab report Conductivity

    I need someone help me out with the physic lab report purpose  you have to write purpose, Procedure:  calculation  data, graphs, Analysis and  conclusion   

  • Waiting for answer business case

    hi i have a business case paper, one page single space. We have three people in the same class, so u need to write THREE PAPERS WITH THE SAME CASE like THREE DIFFERENT persons. can u FINISH it before this thursday?  Each case write-up can be no longer than one page (single-spaced, 12-point Times New...

  • Waiting for answer Accounting help

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You may have to research more than 1 company to complete the Key Assignment. Plan accordingly. The purpose of this Key Assignment is to get familiar with annual reports and to understand the financial implications of the following: Equity method of accounting versus consolidation Re...

  • Waiting for answer Already start the paper I just need you to finish the paper...

    Already start  the paper I just need you to finish the paper by add one page  using any references for the same topic  .

  • Waiting for answer HW part 1- the lessons

    I need 2 pages draft for an essay about what lessons did I or the characters learn in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 25th anniversary edition. (the cover of the book is attached) examples of the lessons; never give up, don't judge gypsies, follow your dream, etc.  This draft is for part 1 of my Hw. I...

  • Waiting for answer Professional Finance Analysis

    Professional Analysis Please Make Pro forma balance sheet(1987) Make Pro forma Income statement Make Sensitivity Analysis Make Sustainable Analysis

  • Waiting for answer AIr Transportation

    Do any topic pertaining to Air Transportation. It must be 5 pages of content with abstract in an APA format. Please makesure the topic is interested because I have to do a presentation on my paper


    Hi, I need help with my systems operations management case assignment that is due March 15 at 4:15pm or also known as 16:15 in military time. (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US Canada) I have an attachment with the case and the directions.  Requirements: • Use Excel to construct an x - chart and an R -...

  • Waiting for answer international business transactions

    i need to do individual research about international business transactions the research must be round 28 pages includes free plagiarism, references and easy word ,no copy paste

  • Waiting for answer prof Linda-Harris only

    I need to write an essay about 6 pages. I attached the essay prompt (There are few options A, B, C,... so you choose which prompt is best for you) I attached pages of the text, so you can use it to answer the prompt Please follow the instruction carefully This essay I will upload online, so my profe...


    Family Therapy Conceptualization Paper (100 points) For your Family Conceptualization paper, (5-7 pages) you will conduct a case analysis, develop treatment strategies, and write a summary report on a family case based on one of the films listed below; YOU WILL USE STRUCTUAL FAMILY THERAPY FOR THIS...

  • Waiting for answer philosophy research about Marxism

    i need the research to be talking only about Marxism which is Karl Marx. the reasearch should be 8 pages long and it should be easy, clear, and good grammer on it.

  • Waiting for answer Socket programming in java

    Add code to the following class: Receiver to impose a four times timeout of 5 seconds. On the expiration of first, second, and third timeout the following messages should be displayed on the console of the Receiver: It is 5 seconds I am waiting. It is 10 seconds I am waiting. It is 15 seconds I am w...

  • Waiting for answer DQ 9

    The disruptive disorders are often met with aggression, frustration, and the desire to "beat [the kid's] butt" with the presumption that doing so would be the answer to the child's misbehavior. For this week's discussion question, pick a disruptive disorder, and discuss why these responses are likel...

  • Waiting for answer Paper on "Police Brutality in the US"

    All I need is:  1- a 5 page content on the topic "Police Brutality in the US"  2- 5 sources in APA format. and listed properly. 3- Keep the paper very basic, simple, and organized.

  • Waiting for answer helping with homework

    Hello  I want yo to read requerment on the instructions (midterm paper) and to do it for me as the attament (simple) knowing that my subject is ( Cross culture mediation issues.             How to meditate across cultures             Other cultures and mediation.  In total of 4 pages + 6 slid as pow...

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