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2 page international trade essay

How should we reform the U.S. immigration system to make America great again?

Please finish your essay using MS word and print it out. 12 points, Times News Roman, double spacing. There is no min. requirement or cap for length. You are not expected to use data to support your arguments, but the use of data is a plus. If you choose to use data please list your data sources. (Hints: 1. Make sure the sources are credible before you use the data; 2. Examples with made-up numbers, like those we use in the Ricardian model, are theory, not data.)

Your essay grades are based on clarity of exposition, coherence of arguments, and how well your theory (and data, if you use any) supports your arguments.

Please give credits to your sources and explicitly cite them. Otherwise you run the risk of plagiarism!

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