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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Father Involvement.He is needed for an offspring to be formed together with the mother or the female parent. He contributes the sperm cell which contains the

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Father Involvement.

He is needed for an offspring to be formed together with the mother or the female parent. He contributes the sperm cell which contains the Y chromosome while the X chromosome comes from the mother. It is the meaning in the perspective of biologists (Hewlett, 1992). Biologists have also found out that males have the dominant traits that allow them to be the primary support of the family. They have the instincts to provide for their partners and offspring way back in the primitive era. It is even evident in other species of animals. When it comes to the perspective of traditions, fathers have the role of helping and protecting their children while the mothers are the ones who take care of them. Fathers also create some rules and actions that really affect the growth and development of their children whether those are their daughters or sons. Having a paternal figure affects the behavior and development of children until they become young adults. They are also affected psychologically through the interventions of their fathers. Studies have found out that the more fathers are involved with the lives of their children, the more the children realize their potential. In addition, they get to have balanced lives with enough socialization, educational attainment, purpose in life and many more. Once they have realized their potential, they have more capacity to solve real world problems. The father in a family that may contribute to the development of the children may not necessarily be the biological father. Since there are cases wherein the mother has lost his original husband and remarried or the female parent is divorced and got a new partner (Bedford and Turner, 2006). It may also happen that the children are formed through sperm donation and the partner of the mother is not the one who contributed the sperm. In that case, the male who takes the role of a paternal figure is called the stepfather. A stepfather may become a nurturing father in that case but usually the biological father and the nurturing father is only one person. Some experts have found out that the roles of parents especially of those men are only realized within the context of the society formed by humans. In the groups of animals that are closest to humans, such kind of roles is not realized. History has also showed the importance of fathers. Fatherhood is dictated in the past especially in the time of Romans through vows during matrimony. Such kind of perspective has been disproven by the modern findings of science using DNA testing as the method. The scientific breakthrough has changed the paternal laws. Since in the recent times equality has been the goal of people, fathers have also categories in terms of relationships with their children just like mothers have. Male parents can be considered as the legal, social or biological fathers. Because of the differences in points-of-view, the scientific and social aspects sometimes have problems. Traditions, behaviors, culture and history have determined how to consider the father of the children (Bedford and Turner, 2006). They should be based on marriage. On the other hand, science has shown that it can be traced using sophisticated techniques. It has only occurred in the modern times which mean that the biological father had been hard to identify in the primitive era. That is why people in the past based the rules in social setting. History has also recorded how the concept of fatherhood started. The existence of fatherhood is very

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