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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Foundations of human resource management (Case study analysis). It needs to be at least 2000 words.In itself, the recruitment process should be wel

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Foundations of human resource management (Case study analysis). It needs to be at least 2000 words.

In itself, the recruitment process should be well structured and organized in order to achieve the required skillful labor. After recruitment, a systematic training approach should be employed in order to induce the new recruits in their designed positions. In Silver Creek Winery Company, there is a need for business expansion. This requires an effective recruitment procedure to fill the job positions that will arise during this development. This report will assist the manager of Silver Creek Company, Julia, to implement an effective staffing process. Foundations of human resource management Business management refers to the use of management skills to utilize the fundamental business resources in order to optimize the profit. The growth and future of a company can only be shaped by effective management strategies. Being a developing company, Silver Creek requires well schemed management strategies in order to achieve the effective expansion and to exploit its potential of growth. The various challenges facing this company demand for proper planning in order to come up with a prompt solution. These plans should be implemented in all the entities of this business. As the Human Resource manager, Julia carries the greater burden of the company as the future of the company lies on her shoulders. This report will assist Julia to employ Human resource planning, job analysis and training in the recruitment process in order to facilitate the staffing required during expansion of the company. Human resource planning is a crucial tool that is employed in the recruitment process. It is used in determining the current and future human resource that a particular business requires in order to achieve its set goals (Hartel & Fujimoto, 2010). It requires that the human resource requirements are established and a proper plan designed to satisfy these requirements. This goes hand in hand with the financial resource allocation for the entire process. The manager has a role to budget for the process effectively, in order to achieve a successful output. Recruitment refers to the use of management skills to induce the right labor resource, with the right skills at the right time. This resource should just be adequate, without shortage or surplus. This is the greatest role of a human resource manager. In theory, Human resource planning can be used to design the staffing process in any organization, be it small or large (Hartel & Fujimoto). This process can be implemented in a number of stages. First, the company should assess the current human resource capacity of the business organization. At this stage, the skills and knowledge of the available employees should be established. To achieve this, academic documents should be used. For instance, the certificates are effective in establishing the area of specialization and the special skills that an employee possesses. Also, the day to day performance of the employees should be monitored in order to learn the potentials of all the employees. Secondly, it would be important to determine the future needs of human resource. Here, the manger focus is on the positions that are likely to arise in the future, and the skills that will be necessary. These parameters should relate to the dynamic state of the market. Then, a gap analysis should be conducted in order to estimate the difference between the position of the organization at the moment and that in the future. Finally, a restructuring plan should be

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