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education field -lesson plan and report

unit subject : Primary Human Society and its environment 

Within the NSW BOS Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum, emphasis is placed on three Cross Curriculum Priorities (CCPs) being: i. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures ii. Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, and iii. Sustainability. 

there is 2 part to complete.

Part A is lesson plan with 500 words.(Case study)

Part B write a 1500 word report responding to each of these subheadings: - Introduction: Identify CCP that the image/artefact targets; and outline the focus of the CCP. Discuss how the CCP in the Australian Curriculum is reticulated in the NSW BOSTES HSIE Syllabus. - Justification: Provide at least three reasons (supported by readings) why this CCP is important for teaching in today’s classrooms; - Application: Explain how the CCP has been addressed in the lesson plan (from Section A). 

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