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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Business, Marketing and Finance.Download file to see previous pages... A company cannot operate without competent leadership that could provide prope

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Business, Marketing and Finance.

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A company cannot operate without competent leadership that could provide proper direction of the company using clear vision, mission, goals, and strategies. The human resource or their staffs, regardless if they are few, is the backbone of its business relations and operations to provide customer services or to relate with the market where the business establishment is present. Good leadership &amp. staff Good leader or good staff? This researcher asserts that organizational management require both: good leaders and staff. Both are indispensable in organizational management and development. Good business leadership optimize human resources too for good decision-makings to professionally engage their commitments to attain business objectives and goals. Both the management and the staff are indispensable in contributing to the enrichment of the organization and for its operational management to reach targeted outcome. Its structure will often provide or contribute potential support to competitive advantage in business management. Both are stakeholders for organizational development and resource generation. Their cognitive abilities and skills are wealth that can be optimized in systematizing organizational management (Covey, 1992, p. 17) Their indispensable mutual assistance in decision-making will also support the business attain a healthy operational condition (Covey, 1992, p. 17) Good leadership is a principle centered-leadership inspired on personal-trustworthiness, interpersonal relational trust, empowerment-sensitive management, and organizational accountability (Covey, 1992). Covey (1992) contended that good business leaders consider all the natural laws, principles and operational frameworks that put virtues and moral responsibility significant in a person’s life, in relations, in contract management and within the core of the organization (Covey, 1992, p. 17). Covey (1992) asserted that effective and efficient leaders adopt on inviolable principles of practicable human nature that are further nurtured by good norms and culture in a society for better social cohesion. Covey (1992) opined that principles are built and nurtured by society and are imbibed in human condition, as well as, in consciousness. Good leaders prefer to adapt on good value system as guidance and direction for better decision-makings, in planning, in enforcing plans, in resolving conflicts, in managing changes, in valuating performances, and in exercising power in organizational development (Covey, 1992, p. 21). This is in correlation to the fact that an organization is not just a simple structure. Its leader must be a representation of great purpose and targeted outcomes rooted from clear planning and execution of coordinated or collaborated tasks to achieve desired outcomes. Covey’s integrated ethical code on business leadership put principles above interests to holistically nurture organizational development toward for a useful institution of the society. Good transformational leaders are therefore essential as managers that could fully assist in the development of a mutually satisfactory business operation and practice that inspire socially acceptable moral imperatives and standards (Covey, 1992, p. 21). Meager capital? Without enough financial capital, a business cannot commence to operate and manage its supply chain.

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