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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic UCB's IS and IT globalisation strategy: A Critical Evaluation.Download file "UCB's IS and IT globalisation strategy: A Critical Evaluation" to see pre

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic UCB's IS and IT globalisation strategy: A Critical Evaluation.

Download file "UCB's IS and IT globalisation strategy: A Critical Evaluation" to see previous pages...

By using networked applications over the Internet and its own internal network, UBC is seeing financial benefits of nearly 1479 thousands of Euro a year, while improving customer/partner satisfaction and gaining a competitive advantage.

UBC has implemented its learning programs for employees according to the double loop system through which the people at UBC are not only learning in a prescribed way but they can question and can change the framework.

The ability to use double loop learning is a key to success for UBC.

The IT/IS system is implemented with all the necessary requirements. The back up system is strong. The outsourcing of server monitoring and operations is an appropriate decision, which saved time and the additional cost of maintenance. In order to go through the updating process UBC has implemented many programs throughout organisation, such as Desktop Environment, Data Centre, Regional help desk, HR and Finance processes which are audited on regular basis in order to analyse the aspect requires improvement.

The IT implementation with effective management practices have improved the availability of organisation wide information, Human resource practices and Value chain management. The Group also improved its sales by offering its product through Internet to its target market. Information System specialists at UBC also designed and administered databases and data warehouses, analysed and implemented enterprise-wide solutions to information problems and manage telecommunications efforts. The implementation of corporate-wide Intranet is an additional characteristic of the communication facilities provided. The IS specialists have also provided training in the branches in more than 65 countries of project management skills, technical writing or training by melding their knowledge of information technology and business processes.

The Company has also leveraged its learning curve advantages from experience with IT. As the company has gained experience using IT systems, it has become familiar with a set of best practices that do other firms in the industry know more or less. Firms outside the industry are generally not familiar with the industry specific aspects of using these systems. New entrants will be at a disadvantage unless they can redefine the industries best practices and leapfrog existing firms. (Wikipedia, 2005)

The strategy has some basic flaws, which should be eradicated in order to keep the strategy work more effectively and serve the purpose of the company for a long time period. A basic weakness in the IS/IT strategy found is that the information provided is not divided into layers for easy access of users. It is not necessary that the same information is required at each level.

The IT / IS strategy seems person centric, all the strings end at single person Damien. The heavy reliance of strategy on a person can adversely effect the future progress of the Group. The balance of power and distribution of authority is not undertaken in right manner.

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