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I will pay for the following essay Blue print and Distribution of Story Hotel in Stockholm. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The hotel

I will pay for the following essay Blue print and Distribution of Story Hotel in Stockholm. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The hotel has facilities made in the contemporary design and of high quality. As a marketing strategy, the management of the hotel encourages its customers to book and make prepayment for services online. To promote online room booking, the management of the hotel offers gift coupons to its customers. The hotel has posy and quiet meeting rooms for the locals of the city and others from outside. The hotel has a perfect distribution that the management uses to offer the best services to visitors at the hotel. The hotel uses the best ways to ensure a smooth and functional distribution channel. The various features of an effective and efficient distribution channel, one needs to ensure segregation that is dynamic. This involves marking services and products that create most profits to the business. In devising the various segments, the management takes into consideration the technical details to avoid instances that make the marketers have challenges in choose. A well segmented strategy provides utmost solution to the challenges that may come up in implementing a perfect channel of distribution. In the case of Story hotel, for instance, the online booking and prepayment strategy used by the management reflects itself in the real experience that its visitors get. This provides a harmony in terms of image communicated through such online distribution and what the service provision to visitors. The channel used should ensure utmost income from revenues, achieved by distributing the desired proportion of facilities and other services in the most profitable channel, in the segmentation. The central reservation system refers to an inventory management using a central system integrated in the chain of supply of the business. Central reservation systems applied by most hotels contain reservation codes for visitors who have already booked for the services. It contains hotel services given for small hotel chains as well as individual hotels. A global distribution system shows the charges for a number of services offered by a business, such as hotels. It is prone to some challenges since the various rates as well as the availability is always not updated and may confuse clients. Access to the system is complex and connection to it requires a switch which is challenging to find. This makes the various considerations made while selecting a channel of distribution of utmost necessity. The distribution intermediaries should have the ability to make sales of the rooms using a variety of channels that are in multiples. The services offered by customers should be complete. The intermediaries should bear the mandate of vital activities in marketing. A business should choose a proper intermediary that offers additional services as expense controls. There is a high probability that excess rooms can be allocated while maintaining the image of the business. Online intermediaries are prone to risks, as well. There are possibilities of challenges over the control on rates as well as on the availability. There are instances of mounting pressure over the margins, emanating from the intermediaries. The content of the site may, as well, call for high maintenance. There exists the escalation use of social media with the least control that poses

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