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Latin America

Make sure that you use evidence/facts from the readings provided. Please be generous with the reader. Do not assume that I know what you writing about. 750-900 words per question __________________________________________________________________________________ Instructions: It should have an introduction (explaining what the essay is about, your argument and how you are organizing the essay-road map), a body (where you develop your argument or ideas and provide evidence) and a conclusion. Your essay must be clear, organized and focused. You must present provide historical information to support your argument.


Question 5:

Examine the causes for the breakdown of democracy in 1973, the political, social and economic aspects of the dictatorship (1973-90), and the reasons for the return to democracy in Chile. Use readings

Question 6:

What have been the changes and continuities since the return to democracy (1990) in Chile? Please take into consideration political, judicial, military, economic and social factors. For this question, please use information from power points and articles by Patricio Navia, Arturo Valenzuela, Weeks Garretón (1995 and 2000) and Barret.

Question 7

Patricio Aylwin claimed that “Chile enjoys a democratic system to the extent possible.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Please provide support your argument with facts. In this essay, you will have to analyze the (positive and/or negative) characteristics of the Chilean democracy (from 1990 until the present.) In answering this question, you should read Patricio Navia’s article.

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