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Need an research paper on the play death of a salesman. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on the play death of a salesman. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. This play has won millions of hearts and has even been able to attract various awards. This play has made its way to be the recipient of prestigious awards such as the 'Pulitzer Prize for drama' in the year 1949&nbsp.and also the 'Tony award for best play'. This play according to me is a quintessential American drama. Many playwrights in recent times have debated on whether this play is a perfect example of American drama and to my understanding, I side this approach. As Bigsby acknowledges the play to be revolving around American essentialism, I also believe that the play has a deep core of essentialism in it. Bigsby acknowledges it in the following words "In an era when many scholars question precisely what constitutes American essentialism. most theatergoers still regard Death of a Salesman as the quintessential American play. But the play also transcends its own American heritage and claims to American essentialism" (Bigsby 63). In 'Death of a salesman', Miller purposely uses the geographical location that ties the entire essay to America. In the course of the essay, the writer shows the bending of time in that era. It is a merger of the past and the present in such a way that the audience relates to the life of the main lead. This way the author builds upon the affinity to the place so the masses could easily connect and relate to their place that is their homeland. This relation is very important so that the entire essay is tied to a solid, strong and firm geographical reality. Sterling acknowledges the fact that the drama is related more than an American Dream itself as it can relate to many societies and countries who are experiencing the same kind of matter. He states "The culture, ideology, and geography, that speaks to all people of all societies, and all ages" (Sterling 38). Through the character of Willy, the writer tries to portray and develop the image of a flawless American man and the obstacles he faces in his everyday life. His family life, that is with how he behaves and what sort of treatment he gets from his family. Despite the fact that he has grown up sons he still is the only breadwinner for his family. His sense of responsibility is something to be appreciated over the course of the story. His wife tends to support the laziness of her children who which annoys Willy, which is usually seen in all blue-collar families that the wife tends to support the children despite they are wrong and the burden mostly comes over the male who then has to bear all expenses on his own. The character of Willy is best described in the words of Londre, "A portrayal of a near-tragic proportion, presenting a quintessential American salesman as has been, struggling to understand and justify his failure to himself and his family" (Londre 401). Willy Loman is a perfect example of a tragic hero that is usually seen in American dramas but this does not encompass the features of a classical tragedy. The honesty and nobility of Willy have been seen throughout the play. A great example of his honesty lies in the fact when he asks Howard (his boss) for a raise in his income.&nbsp.

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