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Need help with my writing homework on Event Management: The Importance of Evaluation. Write a 2000 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Event Management: The Importance of Evaluation. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Experience has shown that the management of a successful event requires a detailed planning and consultation process. This guide has been designed to guide event managers through the planning process. (www.21stcenturypress.com)

Having an event management plan is not a legal requirement. however, developing one will help the managers in their planning and in ensuring that all important aspects of managing events are accounted for. Moreover, a plan is also a good marketing tool when the managers are seeking support from relevant stakeholders. (www.preval.org/)

Evaluation can be defined as a periodic process of gathering data and then analyzing or ordering it in such a way that the resulting information can be used to determine whether your organization or program is effectively carrying out planned activities, and the extent to which it is achieving its stated objectives and anticipated results. (Robinson G, 1998, p. 97)

The importance of event evaluation enables managers to conduct internal evaluations in order to get information about their programs so that they can make sound decisions about the implementation of those programs. Internal evaluation should be conducted on an ongoing basis and applied conscientiously by managers at every level of an organization in all program areas. In addition, all of the program's participants such as managers, staff, and beneficiaries should be involved in the evaluation process in appropriate ways. This collaboration helps ensure that the evaluation is fully participatory and builds commitment on the part of all involved to use the results to make critical program involvements. For instance. the Alpha PLC event of launching a car for its clients enables the managers to evaluate whether indeed the event attracted a massive crowd and how effective the event was in terms of creation of awareness to the public. (www.sdst.org/)

Event evaluation is important for managers since it enables them to assess the event policy process. It enables managers to investigate the rate of achievement in the policy, how effective it is and if the target or objective can be met. For example. in the Alpha PLC event, risk factors and precautions such as security reinforcement have been measured. Moreover, crowd management has also been addressed and last but not least, quality management as well is designed to ensure uniformity and to go beyond the client's anticipations and thus, factors influencing excellence of the episode are well planned for. This will enable the managers to assess whether the car launch will be successful. (Bent A, 1996, p.

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