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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on critical discussion of the view that religion is a major cause of terrorism.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on critical discussion of the view that religion is a major cause of terrorism. Terrorism is defined as an act of violence which is committed to fulfill political reasons. In other words terrorism is done to gain something in response to the actions committed. It can be noted that the rate of terrorism has increased since the 1950s and the main reason behind the increase can be said to be the critical thinking of the religious scholars or the religious individuals. Mark Juergensmeyer and other authors like Mahan and Martin give particular views on these acts of terrorism and their link to different religions. According to Mark religious violence has increased all over the world and different people who follow these acts defend them accordingly. Mark gives a brief review about the individuals and their acts of terrorism and how they defend their acts. Furthermore authors like Griset and Mahan give an overview of the link between religion and terrorism. They conclude that the “best way to understand terrorism is to examine the social, economic, political and religious conditions and philosophies existing at a particular time and space” (Griset and Mahan 2003). Moreover the logic behind the committing these acts can be said to be religiously affiliated. As the world comprises of different people with different religion and perspectives, these people tend to interpret their own meaning out of their religion. Some people tend to indulge in terrorist activities because of this interpretation. This essay would further discuss and analyze the logics of affiliating terrorism with religion and would conclude if it has an overall affect on terrorism or not.

Acts of terrorism all over the world are done to sow a seed of fear amongst the common individuals. They are done to get the demands of the individuals accepted by the government. According to Juergensmeyer religion and terrorism has a deep relationship which pushes the individuals who believe in their religion to move towards terrorist activities. Mark Juergensmeyer in his book tells the readers that religious violence is an act which is theatrical and performance oriented. Religion has an underlying effect on individuals and due to the beliefs people tend to deny the reality and get into acts which are not accepted within the society. Cosmic war has been led by the very reason of the relationship between terrorism and religion. Terrorism is an act of violence committed only to fear individuals and to get certain demands accepted which are of the ones who commit the acts of terrorism. The basic aim of the organizations is to sow a seed of fear amongst individuals when committing the acts of terror. If certain individuals who see or suffer from the act of terrorism portray the act as of being lethal and deadly, then the aim of these organizations is fulfilled. It shows that terrorism is basically done to achieve public recognition in terms of terror. This follows the definition of religious violence as being theatrical and performance oriented. This shows that the acts are done to achieve such theatrical and performance oriented purpose. As explained by Mark Juergensmeyer in these words , "When we who observe these acts take them seriously- are disgusted and repelled by them, and begin to distrust the peacefulness of the world around us- the purpose of this theater are achieved" (J. pg. 128). It can be said that these acts though cannot disrupt the whole national government but they can disturb the people around the whole scene. Through these acts symbols are being left onto the civilians so they can fear the terrorists. Furthermore the terrorists also tend to set out a particular important date in the nation to target a certain place. This makes the civilians fear the acts of terrorism and consider the world as a non-safe place. This makes the media monitor the whole scene and portray it to the individuals as being a very threatening and deadly attack.

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