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Solve the attached statistics problems on frequency marginal distribution, assignment help

7.       As part of the marketing group at a film studio, you are asked to find out the age distribution   of the audience of the studio's latest family friendly film as well as if the viewers had seen the movie before. With the help of 10 of your colleagues, you conduct exit interviews by randomly selecting people to question at 20 different movie theatres. The results are in the table below. 

a) Find the marginal distribution of the audience's previous viewing of the movie. (Hint: find the 

row totals.)

under 66 to 910 to 1415-21over 21Totals

Never35577916143330Once0223531474More than once03370444Totals358215119161Fnd each frequency of teh marginal distribution

1. Never

2. Once

3. More than once

b) Find the marginal distribution of the age ranges of the audience. Find each frequency of the 

marginal  distribution.

Under 6      6 to 9       10 to 14    15 to 21     Over 21

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