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Write a 10 page essay on Learning and Development Provision.Returns on such investments are often not clear and measurement of outcome is generally not possible in tangible formats. It is also observe

Write a 10 page essay on Learning and Development Provision.

Returns on such investments are often not clear and measurement of outcome is generally not possible in tangible formats. It is also observed in various studies that organizations, especially small and medium scale organizations, are vary of training programs due to non-clarity of its outcome. This has led to different hypothesis in the field of employee training and various training methodologies have been formulated to overcome the shortcomings of traditional training programs and meet the growing market challenges.

Following discussion analyses structured training process approach to the analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation of learning and development provision. It uses the McDonald's training program as an example case to illustrate how a structured training program influence the productivity of employees and performance of business as a whole.

McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 30,000 local restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 countries each day. It has an ongoing commitment to employee learning and development, recognizing the importance of helping to build the skills base of their employees and the benefits this can bring to their business with better staff productivity. The company's recruitment policy is opt to its name 'hire and smile'. McDonald's hires people with a diverse range of qualifications, from highly skilled managers to college dropouts and focuses more on human qualities instead of educational qualifications. Its employee training programs are highly structured and are based on the company's core principles of quality, service, cleanliness, and value. McDonald's has also initiated its new employee training program known as 'Skills for Life' to provide an effective training to its employees, in association with the Learning and Skills Council. As a part of its structured training program, McDonald's has also started Hamburger University that acts like a cushion for a highly skilled human resource development initiatives of the company.

Structured Training Process

Structured training process is setting and controlling the various training activities that facilitate a proper analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation of training that leads to development of human resources. Structured training is defined as a training activity with specific content that has a predefined objective and predetermined format, and whose progress can be monitored and/or evaluated. On-the-job training, on the other hand, is informal and does not necessarily have a predetermined format. It is generally conducted in the workplace itself (Guide to the Analysis of the Workplace and Employee Survey, 2001, Statistics Canada). It often relies on simulations of real time events. Structured training programs consist of certain predefined simulated organizational tasks that require a prompt response from trainees. It also incorporates a structured approach for feedbacks to improve performance of employees and the training process itself.

Structured training programs have several advantages over traditional training. Some of the major benefits of structured training process are as follows:

Focus on objectives

Limiting the tasks and focusing on the

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