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Write a 12 pages paper on the positive influences of rubrics on student performance.

Write a 12 pages paper on the positive influences of rubrics on student performance. As one of many tools utilized by mentors to appraise improvement in learning, rubrics present promising positive outcomes as evidence from empirical research and expert accounts converge into the positive influences of rubrics on student performance.

Arter and McTighe (2001) elucidated the triune roles that rubrics facilitate : (1) setting up of clear targets of instruction, particularly those which are intricate and difficult to identify, like writing and problem-solving. (2) provision of valid and reliable evaluation of student performance. and (3) enhancement of motivation and achievement as an offshoot of a clearer picture of the required quality of performance on the part of the students.

As students are made aware of what their errors were and lucid explanations are given regarding these errors, feedback is considered as corrective in nature, and substantial positive increments may be expected in their achievement (Walberg, 1999). The mechanics behind the use of rubrics classifies its provisions for feedback as a criterion –reference, and are thus, corrective. Crooks (1988) maintained that rubrics offer students valuable norms for success in academic tasks, thereby allowing them a clearer image of the desired learning outcomes.

Another key advantage of the use of rubrics is the opportunity it poses for students to be part of a curriculum-embedded assessment. Glasgow (2002) posited that student involvement in the assessment of their learning through rubrics empowers them towards being more focused and self-directed, thereby sustaining the objectives of instruction en route to better performance. Stiggins and Chappus (2008) vividly described learning classrooms as those where students are customarily involved in self-assessment, monitor and share their development, and in so doing cultivate their self-confidence as learners and their motivation towards academic&nbsp.excellence.

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